•  In-Cide Alcohol

• Active Ingredients:

Ethyl Alcohol %76 v/v.

• Uses and Benefits:

– Has a wide bactericidal spectrum such as (tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal including HIV, HBV, HCV and rotavirus).

– Skin antiseptic and surface cleansing solution.

– Used in most healthcare facilities as hand sanitizer.

– Minimize the risk of dangerous infections in vulnerable patients.

– Used to disinfect: surfaces, thermometers, pagers, stethoscope, ultrasound and transducer heads).

*This product is approved by JFDA.

• Packaging:

– 125ml plastic bottle.

– 200ml plastic bottle with spray.

– 250ml plastic bottle.

– 500ml plastic bottle.

– 1L plastic bottle.

– 5L plastic gallon.

– 10L plastic gallon.

– 20L plastic gallon.