Ultrasound Gel (In-cide ultrasound gel)

In-Cide ultrasound transmission gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound. Recommended for all procedures where a viscous gel is required, including Ultrasonic diagnosis, Ultrasonic therapy, ECG, EEG, EMG, Defibrillation etc. 

        • Active Ingredients:

        – Thickener, Lubricants, Propylene Glycol.

        • Uses and Benefits:

        – Clear thick gel and non-sticky.

        – Water soluble and easy to remove gel.

        – Conductive medium that is used in ultrasound diagnostic.

        – Used in ECG procedures and fetal Doppler.

        *This product is approved by JFDA.

        • Packaging:

       – 500ml plastic bottle.

       – 1000ml plastic bottle.

       – 5L plastic gallon with pump.